Welcome to AgroBazaar Malaysia Singapore!

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore prides itself on being a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian grown and Malaysian produced goods. Our shelves are lined with the best Malaysian fruit, with high-quality local favourites for your exclusive fruit-dining pleasure. Our coffee is home-grown and home-roasted to mirror the style of artisanal brews so popular in today’s world.

Food is a very large part of Malaysian culture and life, and this is represented in the extensive menu boasted by Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore. Every dish in our menu delivers, truly the authentic taste of Malaysia. Coupled with the produce lovingly grown and cultivated on home soils, the establishment strives to provide the ultimate Malaysian agricultural experience to the foodie wanderer.

Our Vision


To give Malaysian agricultural produce overseas exposure, as well as to introduce truly authentic Malaysian cuisine to an international audience in Singapore’s Sultan Gate district.


Our Philosophy


At Agrobazaar Malaysia, the concept of locavore eating takes centre stage. We believe that food that does not travel excessively is food that retains its flavour, nutrients, and integrity. That’s why Malaysia as an agricultural-driven nation, produces and exports produce to its regional neighbours, Singapore included.